About Engaging Media

Engaging Media founder and president Ed Madison has a 27 year track record as an executive producer/director of network television, film and commercial projects. He's assembled some of the industry's most talented producers, writers, editors, and camera crews to provide an exceptional level of expertise and service to a wide range of clients. The company's mandate is to always exceed the client's and the viewer's expectations.

Ed's multifaceted career in television began at the age of sixteen and has covered the gamut, from talent coordinating for a local Washington, DC talk show while still in high school to creating, producing and directing programs and segments worldwide for network, syndicated and cable television.

At age 22, Madison became a founding producer for CNN, aiding in the groundbreaking quality programming that has come to represent that network. His subsequent companies have provided services for most of the major networks and studios, including CBS, ABC, A&E, Paramount, Disney, and Discovery. He has contributed to the success of many top-rated series that helped to define the lifestyle/travel television genre, including Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, A&E Top 10 and Entertainment Tonight.

Ed and long-time colleague Kim Swann produced the award winning "Time Out: The Truth About HIV, AIDS and You" for Paramount Home Video, featuring Magic Johnson and Arsenio Hall, with guest appearances by Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley and Paula Abdul. Subsequently, Ed and Kim produced several more projects for Paramount, including Magic Johnson's first prime time special for Fox featuring Shaquille O'Neal, Garth Brooks, Whoopi Goldberg and Roseanne. That was followed by a fitness video starring Olympic gold medalist Florence Griffith-Joyner. Later, Ed conceived and consulted on Paula Abdul's successful fitness video, "Get Up and Dance," for Live Home Video.

In 1988, Ed founded Tiburon Communications, Inc., which quickly emerged as one of the leading suppliers of "behind-the-scenes" promotional featurettes for motion picture and recording companies. Tiburon produced projects for many high-budget productions from Paramount Pictures, Disney, and MGM, as well as work for recording studios Sony, Geffen Records, and A&M.

Later, Ed served as the supervising producer of "A&E Top 10," a weekly countdown series celebrating pop culture airing on A&E. The series featured episodes on such subjects as the Top 10 Exotic Destinations, Romantic Getaways and Spas and Retreats.

In 2000 Ed formed Rustic Canyon Entertainment and moved the company’s base of operations to Oregon. Shortly thereafter Rustic launched The Visitors’ Channel, a tourism information television service seen in hotels and in public spaces throughout the Northwest. Rustic sold the Visitors' Channel (renamed CityScene) assets to Obie Media (Nasdaq: OBIE) in 2004. It reacquired those assets in 2005 from Lamar Advertising (Nasdaq: LAMR), following Lamar's acquisition of Obie Media, and their decision to focus on outdoor advertising.

The company was renamed Engaging Media in March 2007, simultaneously with its expansion into online video marketing and content creation.

Professional. Creative. Cool. Physically attractive. These are just some of the words the team members at Engaging Media use to describe themselves. More importantly, they bring their combined professional expertise and resourcefulness to bear on every project they tackle. With experience in all aspects of multimedia production, marketing and the relatively new science of personal and professional branding, the Engaging Media team sees a project from all angles, and they are dedicated to completing a job to the best of their collective abilities.

Terrence Thompson (Director) has a thirty-year track record directing many of the most successful experts and spokespersons on television and crafting the visual presentation of their marketing campaigns. His partial list of credits includes:

  • Jenny Craig - Diet - Jenny Craig International
  • Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo - Gaiam
  • Winsor Pilates II & lll - Fitness - Guthy-Renker Corp.
  • Jorge Cruise Cruise Control - Fitness - Guthy-Renker Corp.
  • The “JuiceMan” - Nutrition - Salton Maxim
  • Zero G Fitness Strider - Fitness - Quantum TV Jack Kirby
  • Facial Magic - Beauty - New Media/Kent and Spiegel
  • Jet Stream Oven 2000 - Kitchen - Dave Dornbush
  • Carbo-Diet - Diet - Free Trial Showcase - Guthy-Renker Corp.
  • Shape Magazine Workout - Fitness - Weider/Shape Magazine

His expertise in live events includes the following recent credits: The Fire and Ice Ball, The Academy Awards Governors’ Ball, The Kodak Theater Grand Opening, The Millennium/Party of the Century at Paramount Studios, Tribute to Style on Rodeo Drive, as well as various tribute and lifetime achievement award ceremonies for celebrities and notables including among others: Billy Crystal, Tom Cruise, Martin Scorsese, Robin Williams, Rupert Murdoch, Ted Turner and The Fonda, Bergen and Carradine Families. Credits also include events for organizations such as The American Cinematheque, American Film Institute and The International Documentary Association and performances and concerts with Bette Midler, The Doobie Brothers, Chicago, Donna Summer, Phil Collins, Rosemary Clooney, as well as MTV’s Post Awards Bash.

Mr. Thompson has had a long relationship with many industry professionals for whom he continues to provide creative and production services. Mr. Thompson’s client list includes the Entertainment Industry Foundation, Warner Bros., Paramount, as well as Guthy-Renker Corp., Beachbody.com and Hawthorne Direct.

Mr. Thompson began his career producing educational television and documentaries. After several years working in local broadcast news in Los Angeles he was hired as a staff director at the then brand-new Cable News Network (CNN). In the early 1980’s Mr. Thompson was named director of the iconic Mike Douglas Show, which, at that time, was one of the most popular TV talk shows on the air.

During the late 80’s he served as vice president of production at the Discovery Studios and Discovery Music Network and later held a four-year term as creative director and vice president production for the JC Penney Corporation as they ventured into direct response television with their Fashion and Shopping Channels, a Smith/Hemion Production. This 24-hour celebrity-oriented network sold all categories of merchandise.

In 1991 Mr. Thompson established Spectrum Entertainment, specializing long form direct response and television product, as well as live event production, fundraisers, corporate and special projects for the major studios.

Mr. Thompson continues to produce, direct, and write, on-air direct response programming - both short form and long form infomercials, but may be best known for the many high-end live events he has spearheaded, including concerts, award shows, celebrity tributes, fashion shows, teleconferences, fundraisers, press conferences and live corporate events.

Maryann Ridini Spencer (Talent Management/Publicity)

As President of Ridini Entertainment Corporation (www.ridinientertainment.com), Maryann Ridini Spencer develops and oversees all company activities, personally attending to each client and project.

Ridini Spencer’s credits in public relations, talent management and film and television production are numerous. Ridini Spencer formed Ridini & Associates Public Relations in 1990, and then incorporated as Ridini Entertainment Corporation (REC) in 1994.

A sampling of REC’s public relations clients have included: E! Entertainment Television, The NBC Agency, The United States Olympic Committee, Weller/Grossman Productions, Strand Home Video, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Concorde-New Horizons, Corp., Pacific Title & Art Studio, Nelson Entertainment, Trident Releasing, Artist View Entertainment, to name only a few.

Over the years REC’s talent management division has worked with numerous actors, writers and directors. Clients have included the Emmy Award winning star of NBC's "Will & Grace," Eric McCormack, Lochlyn Munro ("Duets,” “Dead Men on Campus,” "Scary Movie"), Joe Viterelli (“Shallow Hal,” Analyze This”), and many others.

On the film and television production side, under the REC banner, Ridini Spencer penned the screen adaptation of the best selling novel, “The Last Valentine,” by James Michael Pratt. Hallmark Hall of Fame is slated to air the film as a CBS special in February 2009. Ridini Spencer will co-produce along with Hallmark, Paulist Productions and AEI. Ridini Spencer’s other recent screenplays include: “The Good Heart” (based on a novel by James Michael Pratt), an original mystery series, “Harrington House,” co-created and written with Brian Oppenheimer (“Mike Hammer”), and a new television/internet /live performance informational series, “BodyTude TM,”developed and created in association with World Dance Groove Fitness and The Medical Foundation.

As executive producer, Ridini Spencer worked on the following feature projects: the award winning "Falling Fire" (The Movie Channel, 1998), "Future Fear" (Showtime Networks, 1999), "Convict 762" (The Sci Fi Channel, 1998), and "Shepherd" (Showtime Networks, 1999). All films were also distributed as theatricals internationally (see REC TV & Film Production Division at www.ridinientertainment.com for more information).

Ridini Spencer, a multi-scholarship winner with a BA in communications, began her entertainment career at twelve, acting and serving as an apprentice in Equity and Non-Equity theatres until she graduated from college.

Early in her professional career, she worked briefly as an assistant casting director at Manhattan advertising agencies McCaffrey & McCall (now Saatchi & Saatchi), and Humphrey, Browning, MacDougall working on such accounts as: Parker Brothers, Evan Picone, Mercedes & Exxon.

Later relocating to Los Angeles, Ridini Spencer worked for three years as a producer/writer/director at Cable News Network's Los Angeles Bureau covering entertainment on location in Hollywood for the legendary "People Now" and "The Mike Douglas Show” as well as a writer and senior producer on the health & fitness series, "Alive & Well," (Dave Bell Productions and Lifetime Television). Additionally, during this time, Ridini Spencer was a freelance contributor to such magazines as Los Angeles Magazine, California Magazine and Soap Opera Digest.

Before forming REC, Ridini Spencer served as a former Vice President of Publicity, Advertising and Promotion at Stephen J. Cannell Productions where she supervised staffs in Los Angeles and Vancouver, British Columbia. Her duties included developing and coordinating corporate communications projects (parties, premieres, press conferences, conventions & events), and spearheading network television campaigns for such shows as: "Wiseguy" (CBS), "Hunter" (NBC), "21 Jump Street" (Fox), "Booker" (Fox), "Sonny Spoon" (NBC), "Top of the Hill" (ABC) and numerous MOW's.

Other PR positions included stints as Director of Public Relations for Paramount Pictures Corporation. Ridini Spencer supervised the national and international publicity on location around the world and in the U.S. for the "Miss Universe," "Miss U.S.A." and "Miss Teen U.S.A." Pageants. In this position Ridini Spencer coordinated numerous galas involving 80 countries, Presidential dinners, diplomatic press conferences and special promotions and publicity events with such clients as Maybelline, Minolta, Mazda, Catalina Sportswear, to name only a few.

As a Senior VP at BG&H, Ridini Spencer also supervised the publicity for such television shows as: Paramount's "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Brothers," "Wheel of Fortune" (Merv Griffin Enterprises), "Top Cops" (CBS), and "American Gladiators" (Samuel Goldwyn Television). Ridini Spencer started her public relations career at Frank Liberman & Associates where she handled personal publicity for such celebrities as: Bob Hope, Jack Klugman, Richard Simmons, Steve Allen, Jack Jones, Phyllis Diller, etc. Film credits include assignments for Nelson Entertainment, Trident Releasing, Maple Palm Productions, EGM Film International, Warner Brothers and more.

Ridini Spencer, a lifetime member of the National Registry of Who's Who, is a member of The Talent Managers Association (www.talentmanagers.org), the Producer’s Guild of America (www.producersguild.org, and is in process of joining the Writer’s Guild of America West (www.wga.com).